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About Us

Serving, Supporting and Inspiring Allen

Since 2011, Dr. Demetrius Anderson has been dedicated to serving his communities through chiropractic care in Allen, TX. Before that, he served in the United States Marine Corps, and helped people achieve their fitness goals as a Certified Personal Trainer.

With a desire to serve you, Dr. Anderson welcomes you to Cornerstone Chiropractic where we’ll do all that we can to help you achieve your Optimal Wellness.

Our Vision: To honor God by using our unique gifts to create a healthier world so that the communities of Allen, McKinney, Frisco and Plano may experience extraordinary lives.

Our Mission: To serve our community by providing excellent, patient-focused health care through a natural, synergistic approach.

Built on a Sturdy Foundation of Faith

In our practice, our compassion goes far beyond the business aspects of what we do each day. Our philosophy of how to treat you comes from the best place in our heart.

Cornerstone Chiropractic was built on a solid foundation of faith based principles. Just as Jesus was the Cornerstone of the Church, Cornerstone Chiropractic was founded on the principle that the nervous system is the Cornerstone of our health. A healthy body requires a strong nervous system, which begins with the proper alignment and maintenance of the spine.

A Heart for All Walks of Life

Pediatric Care

“One of the things I’m most proud of was how I was able to help a woman start a family. Through chiropractic care, she was finally able to get pregnant. I continued to work with her to ensure a successful, more comfortable pregnancy. Her labor was half as long as typical labor standards. This healthy delivery was one of my proudest moments as a chiropractor.”

Prenatal Care

“One miracle moment that occurred in my office was when a young pregnant woman had to be carried in due to complications with her pregnancy. She experienced severe low back and leg pain which prevented her from walking. She could hardly lie down or stand up without assistance. However, after completing a Chiropractic treatment plan, she was able to lie, stand, and walk so that she could continue to enjoy her first pregnancy without pain”.

Senior Care

“As I’ve practiced Chiropractic, I’ve had the pleasure of treating several amazing seniors within the community. Chiropractic has improved their quality of life by reducing their blood pressure, stabilizing their diabetes, lowering arthritic flare ups in their knees and hips, and more. Their goals of maintaining their independence, health, and wellbeing by utilizing Chiropractic care are truly an inspiration to myself and other practice members.”

From working with pee wee leagues to collegiate athletes, Dr. Anderson’s passion for personal training and fitness has equipped him to help all ages perform and feel their best. Taking a whole body approach to wellness, he’ll combine chiropractic care with specialized exercises to help athletes maximize their health so they can continue to do what they love most.

To see how Dr. Anderson and his team can help you, stop in and visit us today. Your best life awaits you!