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Testimonials for Cornerstone Chiropractic

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Cornerstone Chiropractic patient testimonials below and email me or contact our Allen, TX office if you have any questions.

Thanks For The Great Service

The young lady at the front desk went over and above to not only make me feel welcomed but helped me get myself together before I left. (I had trouble with my earring). Thanks for the great service. And thank both for your service to my country!

~David C.

Appreciate the Time

I appreciate the time you have spent with me to explain the steps we are taking together to achieve expected goals. Thank you for your professionalism. I have learned so much about how the nerves in the spine affect so many areas and how treatment by you makes a difference.

~Janis J.

Very Welcoming and Friendly

I’ve never experienced anything like it from the minute I walked in the door. I felt like oh my God everything is going to be OK and there’s going to be hope for me the doctor was very, very welcoming and I can tell he’s so passionate at what he does, and the front desk worker was very friendly too and I really enjoyed my first experience, I’ve been recommending him to everyone!

~Tonyna C.

Definitely Recommend

I would definitely recommend this chiropractor and the office family to everyone I know!

~Pamela D.

Sleeping Better

I have been having trouble sleeping. I was tossing and turning at night. I was sleeping on the floor to relieve some back pain. It also felt like my hips weren’t aligned, cause one side would be more achy than the other side when I would go for massage therapy. I knew something wasn’t right about how I was feeling. I met Dr. Anderson at the International Festival in Plano. After about 3 treatments I’m sleeping much better and feel less achy. I would definitely recommend Dr. Anderson. His office is modern and relaxing. Everyone in the office makes a person feel welcome and cared for.

~Veronica M.

Skeptic turned Believer!

I initially was not a believer in chiropractic care. I had a consultation or two prior to meeting Dr. Anderson and saw no benefit. Then, I had a baby and had was unable to stop walking with a pregnant waddle for a few months after I had the baby.

A friend of mine suggested I try Dr. Anderson and my initial experience was different than my previous interactions. Dr. Anderson listened intently to my concerns and after completing my first treatment plan, I was able to walk normal again. As an added bonus, Dr. Anderson worked a miracle with my sinuses and for the first time in 5 years, I did not have to take my allergy medicine daily! Dr. Anderson helped my initial problem, but also invested in my health overall. I highly recommend Dr. Anderson!

~ Mallorie D.

Simply put he’s amazing!

Dr. Anderson’s expertise and handling of my health issues has been an amazing and transformative experience. He’s thorough and explains the process and provides tips and techniques on working through issues between treatment. His attentiveness and consideration excels beyond any other Chiropractic service I have received in my experience throughout my life.

~Elizabeth P.

Wellness Care

I started chiropractic care as a young teenager, and have seen dozens of chiropractors in the many years since then as I’ve moved around the country. Dr. Anderson is unique in that he is not only very gentle but also very effective. He has the gift of giving adjustments that provide relief from pain, stiffness or discomfort while making the whole visit very easy and smooth. He is a genuinely caring and positive person that is enjoyable to visit for wellness care!

~ Dara S.

Warm and Sincere

I was under Dr Anderson’s care during his time as a chiropractor in Chicago. He is a very warm and sincere chiropractor that is concerned about his patients well being. His adjustments were always on point, I am grateful to have had him as my doctor.

In sincerity,

~ Michelle G.

I Would Recommend Him to Anyone!

About two years ago I started experiencing some light back pain while I was working. I went to see my primary doctor and was told that I had a mild case of arthritis. I took some ibuprofen once a day and it seemed to help. After a month went by, the pain grew stronger and occurred more frequently. I went back to my primary and he referred me to Dr. Anderson.

I was a little apprehensive because I had never seen a chiropractor before. The staff was impressive and thorough, but Dr. Anderson was AMAZING! He was kind and very welcoming. He explained the x-ray images in laymen’s terms with a calm and welcoming tone that really eased my fear. His chiropractic skills provided relief from tension, pain, and discomfort with every visit; all while displaying a genuine and caring spirit that cannot be taught. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for chiropractic care!

~ Patricia T.