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Cornerstone Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic Care

Just as a light goes off in your car to take it to a mechanic, chiropractors are the mechanics of the human body. A symptom in your body is a sign to you that something is wrong. We’ll assess your problem, correct your issue and help you feel and function well again.

Chiropractic care is preventative maintenance for your body. As many people visit us with a chief complaint of aches or pains, chiropractic care goes far beyond that. The art, science and philosophy of chiropractic care helps your entire body function better as a whole by taking pressure off of your nervous system.

How? By placing a specific light force, called an adjustment, to your joints, the pressure is removed from your nerve, muscles and tissues. By removing this pressure you’re able to function better and recover from any pain or symptoms you may have.

Just as you need to maintain your car, you have to maintain the health of your body. Rather than waiting until you’re feeling pain or discomfort, we’re here to help you stay well so you can prevent issues in the future.

Techniques & Services

We offer a variety of techniques and services so we can tailor care to your unique needs and preferences.

Additional Services:

ChiroFit Exercise Programming
Computerized Functional Testing
Personal Injury Care
Diagnostic Imaging
Prenatal & Pediatric Care
Standard Process® Nutrition & Fitness Assessment


Cornerstone Chiropractic accepts most insurance and has payment plans available for those who don’t have insurance or are under insured.

Dr. Anderson is here to serve our community through excellent care focused on your needs. Contact us today and let’s show you how you can heal and feel your best, naturally!