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Cornerstone Chiropractic Newsletter - May 2023

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The month of May celebrates moms, veterans, and the importance of  mental health and self care.  Dr. Anderson shares some great self care tips and suggestions we can all benefit from.

May Newsletter Post copy1. Schedule a spa day that includes a body massage. Massages trigger a relaxation response in the body, reduces anxiety, and enhances mood. Then treat yourself to a facial to sooth the muscles and meet the demands of skincare.

2. In days filled with emails and text messages, give yourself a break from the digital. Whether that’s reading, painting, puzzling, or taking a stroll outside, spend some time to reset away from a screen.

3. For a little adventure, if you find yourself able to commit to a longer stretch of time, hiking, biking and kayaking are all great seasonal activities. Get some fresh air and enjoy nature. Give yourself some time for rest & relaxation.

4. And of course, Cornerstone Chiropractic is here to help you find the relief your aching body needs. Schedule your appointment and let us help you heal better, feel better. Call us at (214) 383-9170.

Chiropractic Tips to Maximize Your Health

Top 10 Chiropractic Tips

1. Do not stare at your phone for long amounts of time
2. Take 5 minutes to stretch your body muscles every morning
3. Use cold, not hot therapy to reduce any swelling or inflammation
4. When picking up objects, bend at the knees, not the hips
5. Practice good posture to evenly distribute the force of pressure throughout your body
6. Keep your body moving by walking at least 10 minutes a day
7. Eat nutritious foods to maintain a healthy weight and high energy
8. Sleep on your back or side to avoid pressure on your spine at night
9. Carry lightweight bags when shopping or traveling
10. Don’t wait to see your chiropractor when you are having body aches and pain.

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